Succulents Print // $28

i love succulents :)


This is what I love about Winter. You wake up in the middle of the night, maybe just to pee or get water or something, look out the window and see this. It’s so beautiful. And it’s silent; you have no idea that it’s happening until you just look. It almost seems fake. And it makes your bed seem way more comfortable, for whatever reason.

also winter gives me a pulsing erection

Lunar eclipse October 8, 2014

― Liv & Ingmar (2012)"Dare to let it hurt…and dare to let it feel good."



loitering is basically the illegal act of existing while not spending money

isn’t capitalism fun

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Christiane F, Directed by Uli Edel, 1981 - David Bowie Jacket

"Dennis called and said, ‘I have to play Frank, because I am Frank.’ That thrilled me, and scared me.” - David Lynch

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Samantha Keely Smith

Samantha Keely Smith‘s artwork represents a striving to reconcile the inner world of instinct and the tidal sweep of our emotional life, with an external world that is both beautiful and hostile in its natural grandeur. She attempts to map the place where these worlds intersect.The translucent layers of paint, contrasting soft ethereal brushwork and harder edged sweeping gestures, echo this divergence and depict a timeless place that hovers between dream and reality in a way that is simultaneously alluring and menacing. The work exhibits the struggle between and among the variety of human impulses: impulses that are as necessary as they are contradictory, and which therefore constantly undermine our psychic and social coherence even as they endow us with vitality, soul, and life.

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